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Photo Builder Manual
The complete step by step building document you will be using during construction.
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Video: BK1 Test Flight in Canada

The BK1 is certified in Canada as
a  Basic Ultra-Light Aeroplane
(BULA). This greatly simpifies
 the Canadian approval process.
The Flaperon option lowers stall
speed to 45 mph at gross weight
to meet the requirement.

BK1 LSA (Light Sport Aircraft) - Tricycle or Taildragger, great flying qualities for comfortable to taxi, takeoff, and landings. Gentle and predictable stall, check out this video. BK Stalls and Slow Flight.

A small, light, inexpensive airframe comfortable for large pilots on long cross country missions with camping gear and luggage needed for the trip to the big show. Click the button "Trip Reports" above for the whole story.

The first BK1.0 project, competed in 2004, focused on proving the design and flight characteristics. The second BK1.3 project, completed in 2012, focused on detailed CAD drawings and step by step photo documentation great for first time builders.

Engines available ready to run or in you-assemble kits from the top vendors:
  Great Plains           Great Plains         Hummel             Revmaster       Aerovee                         Pulley Hub            Flywheel Hub      Engines                            
.Mission Statement:
* Reach many who, cannot afford a $50K-100K+ kit  plane.
* Large pilot: 6' 4"-250lb, 30 lb. baggage, 130 mph cruise, 400 mile range.  
* Make it possible for more to live their dream of owning their own plane.
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